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La Rochelle

California's Oldest Wine Club is Now Accepting Membership Applications.

We believe that wine appreciation is a lifelong journey. The further you travel, the richer your experiences become. Our memberships have been created to guide you along the path of discovery with the ultimate goal of helping you lead a Bon Viviant lifestyle. Appreciating wine, with all of it's nuances, the connection to nature and over 2,000 years of history, is the perfect playground to hone your skills for appreciation and gratitude.

Join us on the path of discovery. Apply today and gain priority access to our exclusive Member releases. 


In addition, all Members receive the following benefits:

  • Priority access to purchase any of the wines we will release during the year.
  • Special Pricing on all current release wines.
  • Complimentary shipping on full 12-bottle case orders.
  • Ability to purchase Library Selections at Special Member Prices.
  • Complimentary experiences for you and your guests.
  • Our undying gratitude.
  • VIP Invitations to events.
  • The vast majority of our wines are only available exclusively to our members.
  • Access to our private Member Facebook Forum to share experiences with fellow Members.
  • Concierge services - Let us help you plan your next visit to wine country.

Sign up a loved one for a gift membership today. Your generosity will last throughout the year. As they experience each new release, your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.




CTB ExperienceTake advantage of our newest and most flexible membership option.

The CTB Experience allows you customize your order to receive more of the wines that fit your taste. 


Chuck will select 3 "must have" wines as well as a selection of the most interesting releases for the year. If you are familiar with our wines and you know exactly what you need to fill holes in your cellar, you have the option to customize your selections.

Because our wines sell out quickly, this membership option requires that you take your full case allocation in January. 

Pinot Noir ExperienceThis is where we recommend you start your journey with La Rochelle

You will receive Six - Exclusive, Small-Lot, Single Vineyard Pinot Noir's delivered to your door. Each wine is unique. You will become familiar with six vineyards from distinct growing regions, with clones selected to create cpmplexity and reflect the unique teroir of the specific site.

You will receive three shipments - January, March & September.

In each shipment, you will receive four bottles of Pinot Noir, made exclusively for our members. Every wines tells a story. Think of each new wine as a chapter in a book. As you experience each new release the story of what is possible with Pinot Noir,  from California's most sought after vineyards will start to unfold. After you have become familiar with the regions and vineyards, we invite you to experience any of our other membership options.

With every new release you will also receive a special offer or two and access to our entire portfolio to add to your collection. 

La Rochelle Experience

Apply for Membership now. Limited spaces are available. 

Members will receive a selection of our Recherché Reserve Chardonnays and Recherché Reserve Pinot Noirs and  Library Releases.

This selection is the best way to aquaint yourself with the diversity of La Rochelle wines and always have something unique and special in your cellar.

Recherché Reserve Pinot Noir Experience

This is the holy grail of the La Rochelle Winery Pinot Noir Memberships.

  • You will receive a selection of our most sought after Recherche Reserve and Library Pinot Noirs.  Our Reserve wines are a collection of Pinot Noirs from the most prestigious vineyards in California.  Each vineyard offers a unique and memorable experience.  The trademark of La Rochelle's Recherche Reserve Pinot Noirs is Ageability-Complexity and Impeccable balance.
  • As a Member you will also receive:
  • Special Pricing on all Recherché Reserve Wines and on all other current releases, online and at our tasting room.
  • Complimentary shipping on full case orders.
  • Ability to purchase Library Selections at special member prices.
  • Complimentary tasting for you and your guests at our Kenwood Winery.
  • Our undying gratitude.
  • VIP Invitations to winery events.