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La Rochelle Winery is Proud to be Named "California Winery Experience of the Year 2021."

by Lux Life Magazine

If the great philosopher Monty Python were asked to describe our winery experiences, he might just say...

"and now for something completely different."

La Rochelle Wines

Why does La Rochelle Winery exist?

To help people cultivate a profound appreciation for wine and it's role in a life well lived. 

We recently asked a good friend, and one of the loveliest people we know, to explain what makes La Rochelle so special and unique, from their perspective. The answer now defines us;

"La Rochelle helps people create a Bon Vivant lifestyle."  

Okay, we had to look it up but we're delighted by the definition:

: a sociable person who has cultivated and refined tastes especially with respect to food and drink.
: late 17th century: from French, literally ‘person living well’, from bon ‘good’ and vivre ‘to live’.

We are all refining the art of creating meaningful, memorable experiences that feed our soul. At La Rochelle, we believe that wine plays an essential role in a life well lived. We want to share the journey of discovery with you.

Our mission is to help you create more, incredible, soul-filling experiences.

Let's connect and start our journey together. 

We have multiple ways for you to engage. 

In spite of being named "The best winery Experience in California" this past year by Lux Life Magazine, we believe we have  vastly improved our visitor experiences.

Every experience at La Rochelle begins with us understanding where you are in your wine appreciation journey.

Once we understand you, we will collaborate with you to uncover the next, intriguing, avenue you want to pursue. 

We understand that whether you contact us:

  • To visit the Winery
  • To schedule a Virtual Experience
  • Or to invite us into your world to create an experience for your friends and family,

everyone is on own unique path of discovery of wine appreciation. All of our guest experiences are customized to meet your individual needs and interests, and we've developed a few forks in the road, or starting points if you will, so you can choose an option that will help you along your way.

Below are the some possible paths of discovery, of which the destinations are endless.

Make a selection below to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Reservations are required.

Come celebrate life in Sonoma Valley with us and fall in love with wine all over again.

Hosted Experiences

We would love to introduce you to La Rochelle.

We don't have a traditional "Tasting Room." 

Our wines are sold exclusively to our Members and courageous folks that want to expand their discovery and appreciation for wine

 We would love to work with you, to meet you on your wine journey, and create an experience tailored to your needs.

There is no limit, except your imagination.

Contact us to get our partnership started toward living the Bon Vivant Lifestyle, a life filled with love, connection, and unforgettable moments.

Let's Get Started Creating Magic

 Member Exclusive Experiences

Members are the core of our existence. We have a connection and we want to know more. Click the link below, fill out a quick questionaire so we can make your experience magical. 

Click to Schelule an Appointment

There is also a new option (For Members Only) to reserve a space to bring in lunch, relax and enjoy a bottle of wine with friends. 

 Let's Plan Lunch   Click Here

We're Taking our Show on the Road

A Special Offer for Our Members Only

The best wines are the ones shared with friends & family. The greatest wines of all are defined by what you were doing and who you were with when they were shared. Chuck Easley, our proprietor will work with you to set up an event in your home or the venue of your choice. Let's put our heads together and create a bucket-list experience you will never forget. 

Let's Get Experiential - Click here