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Let's get started creating your experience.

Some Basics:   

Why are we unique?

  1. It's most important to us to understand what you are searching for when you come visit us. 
  2. That is why we ask that you tell us how we can fulfill your expectations. The more information you provide, the more memorable the experience we can deliver.  We need your input so we can create the best winery experience for you. 
  3. We are here to cultivate a profound appreciation for wine and it's role in a life well lived. We believe you will leave your experience with us with nothing less than a new view of what's possible with wine.                               

Let us take you on a completely unique wine journey.

Here are the some possible starting points (experiences), of which, the destinations are endless.

  • Falling in Love with Wine - A path of discovery. If you love wine or want to love wine, this experience is a great place to start.
  • Extremely Curious / Adding Context -  You've discovered wines that you love. You want to know more.  Wonderful things lie ahead and you're ready to expand your horizons. We will go deeper into the paths that most intrigue you.
  • Let's get Experiential - Discover how to create "bucket-list" experiences where wine plays an important role. This is serious fun and educational at the same time. 
  • Our Master Class - (Po·lyph·o·ny Experience) - Dive deep into the making of Po·lyph·o·ny. You will never look at Pinot Noir the same way again. (A minimum $250 purchase per couple is required for this experience; 4 guest minimum; 2+ hours in duration.)


Now, let's get to know you. Complete this short questionnaire to help us create your ultimate experience. Once submitted, we will contact you to confirm your appointment.

Help us create your exceptional winery experience
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I’m Just Starting Out - I'm sticking my toe in the water. When I go wine tasting I am just trying to find wines that taste good to me.
I’m Curious - I have discovered some grape varieties & AVA’s that I prefer. I enjoy wine tasting to expand my knowledge.
I’m Hooked - I love learning more about different wines. I want a deeper understanding of how wines are made and why I like what I like.
I'm a Bon Vivant - I have a broad knowledge of wines and I’m always looking for new ways to maximize my appreciation. I'm seeking innovative ways to create memorable experiences focused around wine.
Few bottles. I usually purchase wines and drink them soon after purchase.
Between 10 -50 bottles. I have a selection of different varietals.
Between 10 - 50 bottles from multiple countries and different varietals.
More than 50 bottles and I'm looking to fill missing styles of wine, so I have wines available for a variety of occasions.
I have a large and diverse collection of wine and wine is a regular part of my lifestyle.
I want to explore your Membership options - This experience will give you a broad but detailed view of the diversity of wines in our portfolio.
Age-ability - Discover the key components that contribute to aging potential.
Complexity - Where do all the diverse flavors and textures come from?
Appellations & Terroir - Learn about the flavors of a place.
Learn the fundamentals of Food & Wine Pairing.
Barrel Aging - What difference does it make?
Fermentation Strategies and how they express themselves.
Starting a Cellar - Building a collection for every experience.
Yeast - How we create complexity.
Clones - Combining complementary flavors and textures.
Discover Po·lyph·o·ny - Our ultimate expression of California Pinot Noir.
Meet Sofia - The best Winery Dog EVER!
Falling in Love With Wine - We want to fall in love.
We're Extremely Curious - We want to add context to what we know.
We want to Get Experiential - Give us some ideas how we can create a memorable wine experience.
We want to go deep and do the Master Class - Po·lyph·o·ny Tasting. (Minimum $250 purchase per couple; 4 guests minimum; 2+ hours in duration)
Leaving the choice up to the La Rochelle Team - Let us be your guide.
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Welcome to the Bon Vivant Lifestyle

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