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                                      Wine Tasting

Located in the Heart of Sonoma Valley, our small, family-owned winery is home to a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Experience like no other. Our Kenwood home is the place to experience small-lot, single-vineyard Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from California's greatest vineyards and growing regions.

Let us take you on a completely unique wine journey.

Now, it's time to start your journey. 

Help us create your exceptional winery experience
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I’m Just Starting Out - I'm sticking my toe in the water. When I go wine tasting I am just trying to find wines that taste good to me.
I’m Curious - I have discovered some grape varieties & AVA’s that I prefer. I enjoy wine tasting to expand my knowledge.
I’m Hooked - I love learning more about different wines. I want a deeper understanding of how wines are made and why I like what I like.
I'm a Bon Vivant - I have a broad knowledge of wines and I’m always looking for new ways to maximize my appreciation. I'm seeking innovative ways to create memorable experiences focused around wine.
Few bottles. I usually purchase wines and drink them soon after purchase.
Between 10 -50 bottles. I have a selection of different varietals.
Between 10 - 50 bottles from multiple countries and different varietals.
More than 50 bottles and I'm looking to fill missing styles of wine, so I have wines available for a variety of occasions.
I have a large and diverse collection of wine and wine is a regular part of my lifestyle.
I want to explore your Membership options - This experience will give you a broad but detailed view of the diversity of wines in our portfolio.
Age-ability - Discover the key components that contribute to aging potential.
Complexity - Where do all the diverse flavors and textures come from?
Appellations & Terroir - Learn about the flavors of a place.
Learn the fundamentals of Food & Wine Pairing.
Barrel Aging - What difference does it make?
Fermentation Strategies and how they express themselves.
Starting a Cellar - Building a collection for every experience.
Yeast - How we create complexity.
Clones - Combining complementary flavors and textures.
Discover Po·lyph·o·ny - Our ultimate expression of California Pinot Noir.
Meet Sofia - The best Winery Dog EVER!
Falling in Love With Wine - We want to fall in love.
We're Extremely Curious - We want to add context to what we know.
We want to Get Experiential - Give us some ideas how we can create a memorable wine experience.
We want to go deep and do the Master Class - Po·lyph·o·ny Tasting. (Minimum $250 purchase per couple; 4 guests minimum; 2+ hours in duration)
Leaving the choice up to the La Rochelle Team - Let us be your guide.
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It is our passion to help you fall in love with wine all over again.

To make a booking or for further information: 
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or Call (707) 302-8000

We are open by appointment only, seven days a week. 

Closed: Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. 


233 Adobe Canyon Rd. Kenwood, Ca. 95452