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The La Rochelle Experience

Become Your Own Sommelier

This all day (10:30AM - 4:30PM) tasting experience is not for the faint of heart. If your heart aches for more understanding and enjoyment of wine, this is the experience you've been waiting for.

Chuck Easley, the Proprietor of La Rochelle Wines, will guide you through an experience of self discovery.

The day will start in the vineyard with a discussion on how the vineyard variables influence the winemaking decisions all the way to the finished wines. Standing in a vineyard wouldn't be complete without the chance to disgorge some Sparkling Wine and taste the Au Natural dry wine and compare to a finished bottle with dosage added. 

In the next segment, we taste through 8-10 different varietal wines while comparing each to over 50 different aromas which are found in wine. This is your opportunity to find your own descriptions for what you experience. With aromas of peach, apricot, cherry, tea, and dozens of other scents at your fingertips, you can piece together your own description for each varietal. 

With a broad selection of different wines already open, a buffet lunch will be served, and we will experiment with food and wine pairing. We will review some basic "rules" which have been passed down over time and create a few new ones of our own. Remember Rule #1, it's good if it tastes good.

The afternoon will be dedicated to Pinot Noir. You will be guided through the La Rochelle "Po·lyph·o·ny  Pinot Noir Experience." 

Learn about Pinot Noir from the ground up.  You will be guided through our wines from vineyard practices including site and clonal selection, fermentation, barrel aging strategies, blending, and the benefits of bottle aging.

We will dive into an assortment of Pinot Noirs that accentuate the variables available to the winemaker. First, you will explore how the yeast that ferments the wine affects the flavors and texture of the wine. We will taste the wines made from the same clone and block of grapes, the only difference being that each lot was fermented with a different strain of yeast. You will experience how the yeast selection influences the structure of the wine, as well as, the development of different flavors.

The second flight of the tasting will show how the variety of clones and appellation contribute to the vast differences in wines made from the Pinot Noir grape. Each clone has the ability to develop certain flavors. The vineyard site has a strong influence on how these flavors express themselves.

You'll end up with quite a few samples of Pinot Noir in front of you after tasting all of the individual selections. Then, you can try your hand at blending the unique components to create the ultimate Pinot Noir. The delicate nature of Pinot Noir allows the flavors and textures to be layered layered to create incredible complexity and balance.  

To finish the experience, you will taste Po·lyph·o·ny, our ultimate expression of California Pinot Noir .

Each tasting will be tailored to your interests. this is the time and place to ask those questions you have always wanted answered.

The cost of this full day experience - You are required to purchase One Case (12 Bottles) of wine per participant. 

There are only 10 spaces available for each La Rochelle Experience session.