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Vineyard Tour

We are the evolution of the first winery, wine club in North America. Our members rule the roost and demand a variety of wines from the most sought after vineyards in California.

You will hear over and over again that Pinot Noir is hard to grow. We disagree. It is perfect when it's planted in the ideal soil in a very rare and unique climate. Pinot Noir demands cold and sunny locations. Since Pinot Noir has the potential to develop a wider variety of flavors than any other grape variety, it is essential that the fruit can ripen to full maturity.

There are a scarce few locations that will allow the flavors to develop before the sugars get too high and the acidity fades away, throwing the wine out of balance and eliminating aging potential.

Much like mushrooms and truffles, Pinot Noir can grow almost anywhere. In many locations it produces a wonderful wine with interesting qualities.

To create a wine that is both age-worthy and incredibly complex (the Holy Grail of Pinot Noir), the grapes must come from the rarest of rare locations. Our collection of vineyards reflect the most unique, prestigious and magnificent sites in California.

At La Rochelle, we are in the truffle business. 

Enjoy this tour of our vineyards. Visit us to taste wines from these amazing locations, all in one place.

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