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Visit us and Fall in Love with Wine... again.

For 2020 we are upping our game.

Times have changed. Over the past few years we have endured some natural disasters and uncertainty with our power infrastructure - to say the least. Much of this is out of our control.

In addition, many wonderful folks have visited Wine Country frequently and almost religiously over many years. Your loyalty and support is vital to our success and for that we are forever grateful.

Our Mission, in 2020 is to give you a great reason to come visit again. Our purpose at La Rochelle is to create a space and an experience that will make you fall in love with wine all over again.

Beginning in February 2020 - Every experience for every group will be customized to meet your individual needs. To accomplish this, we will be switching to an Appointment Only Reservation Program. 

Our intent is not to exclude anyone. Quite the contrary. In true Sonoma Valley fashion we would love to see everyone.

In reality, we realize that it's our turn to bring a taste of Wine Country to you.  For that reason, we will be traveling and creating the La Rochelle Tasting Experiences at our Members homes throughout the year. 

Contact Us to Schedule your own La Rochelle Experience at home.   

Every La Rochelle Winery experience is tailored to meet your individual expectations. We believe, wine is not about facts, figures, pick dates or percentages of new and used oak. Wine, to reach it's highest and most worthy use, should be a part of a memorable event. The event may be pizza night watching a game with friends or paired with oysters, on a beach with the person you believe to be the most magnificent in all the world. Let us help you discover how magic and awe inspiring wine can be.

We craft wines that are unique and memorable. When we are privileged to be included your life's events, we hope to make your experiences memorable as well. Wine's most noble purpose is to be included in life's greatest moments. Our raison d'être is to add to those moments.

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Come celebrate life in Sonoma Valley with us and fall in love with wine all over again.

Tasting Room

Located in the Heart of Sonoma Valley, our small, family owned winery is a wonderful and relaxing  place to relax and experience small-lot, single vineyard Pinot Noir & Chardonnay from California's greatest growing regions.

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 Po·lyph·o·ny Pinot Noir   Experience

Experience Pinot Noir from a Winemaker's Perspective. Explore some of the decisions that are made and taste how they affect the finished wine. Taste how Yeast develops flavors and texture and how the different clones define the personality of the wine.

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Discover Your Inner Sommelier

This experience is not for the weak and faint of heart. If you truly want to immerse yourself into the how’s and why’s of wine, this is a day in wine country you will not forget. 

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Can't Visit?

Become a CTB Experience Member and we'll create an   In-Home Experience designed personally for you.

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